Sunday, 5 April 2015

GFM Stage at The Godney Gathering Preview

On 18th July folk from the local area and wider will gather in a field near Godney for a celebration of music, cider and more. The event has become more and more established over the years and provides several stages and is a great family based event. I am really pleased to help out and proud that Thursday Live and GFM is associated with the festival and thanks to Mike and Sue Daniels for allowing this. On this blog I will take the chance to introduce to you some of the local acts appearing on our stage which we intend to bring one or two surprises to this year.

Charlie Miller and the Soul Agents

A collection of some amazing musicians from the area get together to play original soul music and a selection of the very best classic soul and funk hits. This full live band oozes sweetness, grooves hard and makes you want to get up and dance all night. Charlie is the leader of the band and just can’t turn down talented members so by the Gathering we could be stuck for room on the stage for them.

The Thatchers

Last year the band opened up the main stage after accumulating over 800 votes from their fans in a competition ran by The Gathering. They Play acoustic music you can stomp your feet, clap your hands and sing-a-long to!! They say…Chemistry is an interesting art, you can make medicines and cuisine, composite materials and hell even a bomb!!!!But you can also create something that makes the feet stomp, the hands clap and the human bodies’ senses tingle!!!
All you need is 3 men and a lady, some rock, heavy metal, folk, blues and then throw some acoustic instruments in and…..BAM!!!...ladies and gentlemen you have The Thatchers!!!!!

The Villainy

Part from the West Country and the rest from Sweden the group boast a sound that reflects the international psycho-geography of their make-up: The lack of fear in bringing in multi-instrumentalism; darkness; light; and seamless stylistic shifts are all aspects the Swedish music scene has done so well over the year. The band were chosen twice as a "Fresh Fave" on the BBC's Fresh On The Net site and by the end of summer 2014 The Villainy had 2 UK tours under their belts, released the debut single "Miss Golightly" and played a large amount of gigs and festivals in Scandinavia. The band are currently working on their debut album and are looking forward to an even busier 2015.

Mr Keep Calm and the Cancelled Cheques

With regular appearances on Thursday Live and great support in the local music area.  Mr Keep Calm is a songwriter and performer with a distinctive style and an eye for creating stirring images from the mundane. A lover of songwriting challenges and best described as a "hopeful misanthrope". Genre hopping and ranging from conventional to experimental. The band’s first album release “Digest” has been well received and is full of excellent tracks.

50 Shades of Punk

This is classic punk rock from these guys who were about back in the day when it all kicked off. Over the years they have supported some of the top punk acts and have built a strong reputation. Expect a proper British sound and guitars turned up to eleven. They are entertaining and love what they do and are at their best to a great crowd response, so jump up and down to them and feel free to join in, you will be entertained.

The Hartletts

Energetic and exciting with vocals that are gravelly and drag you in. Their sound is influenced from the garage rock revival scene from the noughties. We have an energetic stage show in which we play mostly original songs with a few interpretive covers thrown in. They appeared at the Thursday Live Aftershow Party in September and certainly created an impression. Hopefully we will see an album soon.

Awaken the Silence

This is heavy, heavy rock [metal] which will confront and challenge but is extremely skilled music. These guys will be the heaviest act at the Godney Gathering and Josh on vocals will be all over the place encouraging you to be a part of what’s going on. Their album is due out shortly, hopefully before the festival.

Liam Howard and the Truthseekers

A top songwriter who is very talented and also plays solo and electronic music besides playing with the Truthseekers. Backed by skilled musicians handpicked from the Hawthorns open mics Liam will play songs that will soon have you singing along and joining in. Bringing together influences from all types of modern music you will hear some great songs.

John D Revelator

Intellegent, sensitive, funny and clever songs all the way from West Pennard. John D Revelator have become a 5 piece having recruited the wonderful talents of Ann on percussion & backing vocals, Geraint & Smudge on guitar, bass & backing vocals & Paul on drums & backing vocals. Get ready to revelate with John D Revelator! Be a part of it.

Lazy Daze

Acoustic Indie Rock band based in Glastonbury. Original material with the occasional cover thrown in, having first been given the unique Lazy Daze touch. Their haunting version of Guns'n'Roses 'Sweet Child of Mine' is a show stopper. Steampunk and I’m sure they will all be suited and booted.

Come along to the Godney Gathering. It’s great value and besides the ticket prices the bar prices are kept very low. You will have a great day

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