Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Safehaus Release

Safehaus EP Launch

Sadly earlier this year we lost one of the most respected musicians in the Glastonbury FM local and wider area. Ben Kench is highly thought of and respected and educated and supported the local music scene along with producing high quality music with his band Safehaus in it’s own right.

Safehaus hail from the Glastonbury area in South West England. They consist of Ben Kench (guitar & vocals), Jim Kench (guitar, percussion, vocals), Robin Davey (guitar), Paul O'Reilly (Bass) and Alison Wilmshurst (French horn and violin). These guys have played in a number of bands and solo projects over the years (including appearances at the Glastonbury Festival and supports with Jools Holland, the Alarm and Ezio) and were hand-picked by Ben in late 2015.

The band released a lovely EP in 2016 called ‘Lyft’ and started getting some great gigs including playing over in Italy which became a second home to the band. This was followed up again with the single ‘A Letter’. Both releases showed the quality of music the band have and gave them the push to get more work out there. One of their most memorable gigs for me during this spell was at the Glastonbury Night at the Abbey where they made the Lady Chapel just light up and sing.

Ben will be sorely missed but his spirit will continue as the band open another door and chapter with the remaining talented members of the band with one or two new ones move forward in a positive direction and they debut with a return to the Glastonbury Night at the Abbey on Friday 8th September.

 Safehaus have now released their final recordings with Ben which was put out on his birthday (27th August) with local backers working hard to get this to chart or at least get the music out to as many people as possible. The EP is called ‘A Perfect Love Song’ and the EP titled signature track mesmerisingly floats along and gets into your head. It is supported on the EP with three other songs Summer, Running Away and Rebound which could all be singles.The ep was co-produced by Michael Bannister (Texas) and Ross Hamilton  ( Bad Mannequins) and has helped the EP ooze quality. The EP is available on all major sites or you can buy the limited 10” vinyl EP here.
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You can listen to Jim Kench’s interview on Glastonbury FM here.

Safehaus on Thursday Live 240817 sponsored by Jaywalk Guitars guest presenter Georgie Robbins

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  1. I worked with Ben for 13 years and still find it so hard to get my head around his untimely death. His talent and passion for music will live on. A sad loss to everyone who knew him and to his beautiful wife and children; Stanley, Bertie, Daisy and Wilfred x